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Welcome more disbursement options for your clients.

We made this option available for your clients that prefer to access their money on different ways.

A refund transfer, also known as a bank product, is a financial service that allows taxpayers to have their tax refund deposited directly into their bank account or onto a prepaid debit card. This service is typically offered by tax preparation companies and is often used by taxpayers who do not have a bank account, who prefer to receive their refund in a prepaid debit card or have their preparation fees deducted direclty from their refund with worry-free of payment up-front for services of preparation.

Overall, a refund transfer or bank product can be a convenient and secure option for taxpayers who want to receive their tax refund quickly and easily.


Easy & Integrated!


Customers want their taxes prepared professionally by you without having to pay anything up front.


Allow your customer without bank accounts access to their funds quickly. Print their checks at your office.


By using a refund transfer or bank product, taxpayers can reduce the risk of their refund check being lost or stolen in the mail.

Starts Early

Our banking partners starts processing on Jan 2nd. They are always ready for you.

Let your clients decide how to receive their refunds

Debit Card
Debit Card
Bank Check
Direct Deposit
Direct Deposit

Refund Transfer

Open the doors for more customers. Some taxpayers can't cover their costs for preparation upfront, that will push them to try around and even try 'free' tools elsewhere. This tool will allow them to do their preparation at your location and cover all their costs from their refund. You retain the client, they walk-out happy.
  • Accepting starting Jan 2nd.
  • Various disbursement available.
  • Secure & instant funds release.
  • Convenient & easy to prepare
  • Cost-Saving

How do Refund Transfers (RT) work?

Simple & Quick

Easy process that is already integrated right into your daily workflow.

Taxpayer arrives

Office Visit

Taxpayer visits your office.


Provide Documents

Taxpayer provide you with their W2's & other documentations.


Tax Return Analysis

Complete office due diligence and professionally prepare their tax return in our tax system(s).


E-File Prepared Tax

They sign all related documents to opt-in for settlement solution & tax return is e-filed with IRS requiriments for a refund.


Refund Expected

IRS usually process all returns requests within 15-20 days.


Refund Received

IRS releases the funds to our banking partners. All incurred fees are deducted from the received funds.


Fees Deducted

Our banking partners then releases the fees to the tax office the same day via direct deposit.


Refund Remainder

Our banking partners then releases the funds to the tax payer with the desired selected disbursement on the application the same day of receipt.


The Refund Transfer is an optional tax refund-related product offered by Our Banking Partners, Members® FDIC. The Refund Transfer is not a loan. E-filing of tax return is required to be eligible for the product. Subject to approval. Fees apply. Please refer to our banking partner selected at enrollment for their terms and conditions



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