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JADEE Tax Software Contract v4.0 | © Published: October 1st 2022

We ask that you read this software contract carefully as it contains important on how are you entitled the use of the software and if any complains arise you can use this document as your benefits.
The agreement
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The following Terms of Services (“The Agreement”) is effective starting October 1st 2022. BETWEEN: JADEE Tactics Inc (“The Service Provider”) a company organized and existing under the laws of the State of New Jersey, with head office located at Middletown NJ 07748 AND the Tax Professional (“The Company or Service Receiver”) a Business organized and existing under the laws of their state, which is an approved Electronic Filer Officer (ERO) and contains an approved Electronic Filer Identification Number (EFIN). WHEREAS, “The Service Provider” is in business of Software Development, Tax Software Provider & Information Technology and WHEREAS, “The Agreement” contains the Service Provider's Terms of engagement.


• Service Provider is prepared to render any professional services to “The Company” along with customer support, the following are provided during the months of current season and will conditionally explain the next few arguments.


• Service Provider will be solely responsible for professional services; including installation, supervision, training (if necessary), and any support attached to the software provided.
• The Company agrees to provide equipment capable to pass the minimum requirements by the software to operate properly.If the software provided is unable to be installed or function due to lack of equipment, the company must provide an upgraded equipment to meet the software requirements.
• Providing services is conditional on timely payment and timely submission of documentation for the upcoming or approaching season.
• Service Provider will use reasonable efforts to provide the software and installations as soon as it becomes available and/or before the upcoming season, due to delays by the government entities specific dates cannot be given or secured.
• Software Provider will advise when updates are available during the time of the season to accommodate any changes of Regulations & Laws.
• The Company agrees to use an Integrated Banking Partner provided by Software Vendor or approved software by “The Service Provider” to process all financial transmissions or production associated with “The Tax Return” and electronically filed via Service Provider. The taxpayers must be able to designate an account for Direct Deposit of the refund as required by law, the refund cannot be deposited into the Tax Preparer account and/or third-party account. In the event the contract is breached the Service Provider has the option to limit and/or terminate services and incur additional fees.


• The cost of the software will be designated with the package selected during the season enrollment. However, “The Company” may receive a discount based on credits, volume commitment for financial transmissions and/or production of e-files for “Service Provider”.
• The package selected at enrollment will designate the Federal E-files and State E-Files included. Additional fees may take effect after surpasses included transmissions. If any fees are incurred during the season, this will be deducted from your default or primary method of payment selected every end of the week.
• All packages include FREE installation(s) and is available for download at any time. However, a $99.99 fee applies for shipping & handling if CD or USB are mailed upon request.
• “The Company” agrees to pay the to “The Service Provider” a service fee per approved and funded financial (RTs,RAs) transactions.
• “The Service Provider” will submit a list of approved Integrated Banking Partners including our official approved transmission tool “JADEE”. In the event that “The Company” is rejected or denied by selected Banking Partner, “The Service Provider” will provide another application to one of our affiliated Processors.
• “The Company” agrees and acknowledges that “The Service Vendor” & “Integrated Banking Partners” have their own transaction fees as their Regulations & Product services estates.


• This agreement will automatically be renewed for the upcoming season every July 1st of the current season unless “The Company” submits an official notarized letter with a photocopy ID of the registered owner of the business to the “Service Provider” indicating termination of proposal and/or agreement not later than June 15th of current season.
• “The Company” agrees to pay the to “The Service Provider” a renewal fee from any collected AddOn Fees and/or primary method of payment selected on prior season enrollment.


• “The Service Provider” offers the opportunity to “The Company” to have an additional service fee to their customers, this “Add- On Fee” will be collected on behalf of “The Company” and released after the season is over or not later than Oct 1st of current season.
• “The Add-On Fee” will be used for upcoming season renewals and any past due or open invoices. In the event there is a remainder “The Service Provider” will make a payable check or direct deposit to the registered owner of “The Company” on or about July 31st.
• “The Company” must provide a signed W-9 Form to “The Service Provider” to receive their “Add-On Fee” and acknowledges that “The Service Provider” will geenerate and provide a 1099 Form to “The Company”.
• “The Company” acknowledges and agree that per funded financial transmissions until April 15th of current season are accountable for “Add- On Fee” payments and will be disbursed at date disclosed.
• “The Company” acknowledges and agrees that in case of adding an additional fee (“Add-On Fee”), “The Company” forfeits the rights to Promotional Incentives per funded transactions until the valid date in the season in course.


“The Service Provider” may terminate and incur any fees to the services rendered of this agreement for “The Company”. If:
   a) “The Company” Does not comply with the agreement.
   b) “The Company” Discloses any agreements to a third party and breaches the confidence of this agreement.
   c) “The Service Provider” believes there are reasonable grounds that by continuing to provide services to “The Company” it may breach or harm professional rules of conduct, which are binding in the industry in business.


• “The Company” may terminate this agreement by submitting a certified written notice with Photocopy of ID of owner of business at any time with valid explanations of termination and will be liable for any incurred fees up to the time of termination approved.
• If “The Company” fails provide such notice “The Service Provider” will continue to provide services and “The Company” is held responsible for services rendered and incurred fees until the season is over.


• “The Company” acknowledges that “The Service Provider” will be using their accumulated incentives for upcoming season renewals and any past due or open invoices.In the event there is any remainder incentives “The Service Provider” will make a payable check or direct deposit to the registered owner or “The Company” on or about July 31st.
• “The Company” agrees and acknowledges forfeit the rights to incentives if breaches this agreement or decides not to renew and/or terminate services without a proper explanation or information of such cause.
• “The Company” agrees and acknowledges that “The Service Provider” must wait for Integrated Banking Partners and Vendor to provide reports until end of current season, for the proper calculations of Incentives & Accumulated funded financial transactions. Due to the delays by Banking Partners and Vendors the reports may be released later than April 17th of current season.
• “The Company” agrees and acknowledges that there has to be a minimum of 60 funded financial transactions to participate in such promotion.


• “The Agreement” represents the subject matter hereof and terminates and supersedes all prior understandings with the respect to such matter.
• “The Company” assures there is not an active agreement with any other institution on the same line of business at the moment of signing this document and there is no breach of any other third-party agreements.
• “The Company” is held responsible for any damages or harm to a third-party agreement by breaching their regulations and “The Service Provider” will not be responsible for any harms or losses to the third-party.
• “The Company” acknowledges that in the event of signing this document and incurring any invoices they are solely responsible to cover any open invoices if they decide to cancel or forfeit “The Agreement” after 48 hours of completion.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each “The Company” and “The Service Provider” is completely satisfied with all the rules and statements stated in “The Agreement” and each party has caused it to be executed at our website (www.jadee.com) or our corporate offices in Middletown, NJ 07748.

This software contract was published on October 1st 2022. We may change this software contract from time to time, when we do we will inform you via email.


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